Uncle Myron's Story

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Uncle Myron’s Gourmet Popcorn exists to bring communities & families together through fresh, gourmet popcorn - just the way Uncle Myron did.

Myron Peterson was a man who encompassed bringing communities together. Myron ran Peterson Popcorn in the downtown St. Paul skyways for over 30 years. In those skyways, the legend of Myron was built and grew through the lasting friendships he made at the shop while greeting and conversing with customers and passer-bys.

Myron was always an ear to talk to, there to give encouragement and stay positive no matter the circumstances. Myron often offered prayer to people who needed it, even if it was right in the shop.

Just like Myron, we believe in the core value of hard work. Throughout Myron’s life, he put in many hours of hard work creating the recipe of his popcorn and the culture of his business.

After Myron’s passing in 2015, the entire family has worked together to maintain Myron’s business and name. And in honor of Myron, we have changed the name to Uncle Myron’s Gourmet Popcorn.

We can’t wait to serve you - thank you so much for shopping at Uncle Myron’s!

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